Mississippi State University Student Learning Outcomes

All academic, academic-support, and student-support programs either directly or indirectly foster the following student learning outcomes:

  • Students will realize the specific learning outcomes for their chosen disciplines.
  • Students will apply their specialized knowledge in their careers
  • Students will demonstrate communication fluency
  • Students will consider diverse perspectives and solutions
  • Students will engage in scholarly or scientific inquiry

The method for determining these outcomes involved an extensive content analysis of 328 Institutional Effectiveness reports from 2015-16. IE staff evaluated 789 learning outcomes from 207 academic and 23 academic support units and synthesized these outcomes into 10 broad categories. Nearly 95% of all learning outcomes fit within these five student learning outcomes, which are based on language from the Degree Qualifications Profile and the Council for Advanced Standards (CAS). For more information about this content analysis, please refer to the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.