An Academic Affairs UpdateDear Colleagues

March 2020

It was my intent to send my March update to you before now, but the rapidly changing challenges presented by the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic over the course of the past week have prevented me from doing so. While we face great uncertainty, I have the utmost confidence that Mississippi State University collectively is doing the very best we can in light of this unprecedented situation.

I deeply appreciate everything that our faculty and staff are doing to ensure academic continuity, keep our students safe, and serve the state of Mississippi during this crisis. Please continue to check and your email frequently for updates.

I am continually proud of our Bulldog community, but never more so than right now. Every day I hear example after example of people working together, helping each other, and thinking creatively about how we can provide quality instruction under these adverse circumstances. And, the caring for each other, especially for those struggling financially, emotionally, or academically, reminds me yet again why I love being part of the Mississippi State University family.

Hopefully as we get back into something that is a closer semblance to “normal” I will share with you kudos and congratulations next month. We have a great list being developed; our faculty, staff, and students continue to perform at an exceptional level.

Final words

During this extraordinary time, communication has never been more important. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

You may also use, or direct others to, email or call (662) 325-5555 with specific questions related to COVID-19.

Take care,


Dr. David R. Shaw is Provost and Executive Vice President at Mississippi State University. His email address is