2022-2023 Sabbatical Leave Applications

In order for us to submit our sabbatical recommendations for the coming 2022-23 academic year to IHL for their consideration in early 2022, please forward the Sabbatical Leave application for faculty seeking sabbaticals to my office at Mailstop 9723 no later than December 15, 2021. This is an earlier deadline than previous years to allow more processing time to submit for the IHL Board agenda.

Sabbaticals are an opportunity for faculty members to expand their expertise in teaching, research, or outreach. This is a privilege and, as such, should be well-documented and justified in order to be given full consideration for possible approval.

IHL Board of Trustees Policy 408.03 dictates that no more than 4% of the faculty should be on sabbatical at any given time. Although this does not restrict numbers in any given department, please keep in mind that having more than one person on sabbatical leave in a single unit could present logistical challenges.

Please remind those wishing to take a Sabbatical that a report of their activities during Sabbatical should be forthcoming to the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President immediately upon return.