Julie L. Jessop

Julie L. Jessop

Bagley College of Engineering
Professor and Associate Director, Swalm School of Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. - Michigan State University

Dr. Jessop's research interests include spectroscopy, cationic and free-radical photopolymerizations, dental resins, electron-beam polymerizations, and polymers from renewable resources. A main thrust of her research is the development of structure-processing-property relationships for polymers produced via radiation curing. At the University of Iowa, she received the College of Engineering Faculty Excellence Awards for Service (2011) and for Teaching (2016) and the University of Iowa President & Provost Award for Teaching Excellence (2017). She is a Fellow of the American Chemical Society (2017) and is active in the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering as a Past Chair and Current Councilor. She has received a National Science Foundation CAREER award (2002) and the RadTech Radlaunch award (2018). She engages in K-12 outreach as an Affiliate Professor for Project Lead the Way and as a Science Coach for the American Chemical Society.

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